Monday, 8 August 2011

I've Been Scrapbooking!

Ok, so I'm back from Remember When's 2 day retreat at Noonaweena. It started off with a day of shopping for scrapbook supplies (like I didn't have enough already?!?), with Vanessa (thanks Ness!). We arrived at the retreat at 5pm Friday and began scrapping our little hearts out. Ness and I were last to go to bed at about 2am I think. Next morning we were 1st up - scrapping before breakfast had even been served! Saturday night we were last to go to bed again (3.30am) and 1st up again next morning! (Do you think we have a problem? - don't answer that!). I completed 10 pages all together and I think Ness did about 7-8, so pretty happy considering we've come away from retreats before with only 5-6 pages done! Although I'm not so happy about the fact that I also came away with viral pharyngytis! So - time to share a layout - the first one is a very simple page I did of Mum and Dad - I'm afraid I don't do enough pages of them :( but here it is. (More to come later).

Close Up

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