Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Purple Pumpkin Giveaway!

Purple Pumpkin are giving away a really cute stash of scrapping buttons and embellishments - check it our here - http://networkedblogs.com/ltfJP .

Sickness is in da house....

So, I'm still recovering from my bout of pharyngitis but as I'm feeling a little more human I'd decided a quiet day of scrapping was in order once the children were happily sent off to school.......hhmmmm......no such luck :(  Poor Daisy is now coughing and spluttering and just plain miserable. She just wants mummy to sit with her and cuddle. The best laid plans....

Monday, 8 August 2011

I tried to keep it simple....

This next layout I tried to make quick and simple - Ness and Denise are always joking about how much 'stuff' I manage to get on a page and how much each page must cost - so here is my clean and simple attempt!

The Sedona layout is the 1st I have done to go in a whole US trip album. There'll be plenty of journaling on the other pages, but I wanted to keep this one as simple as possible. This next layout is going in the same album - it's not quite so clean and simple but didn't take too long to create.

This last one is created using a photo that I love - it was taken on Brett's iphone 4 but I think it looks like a professional shot - love it!!

More Pages

I finished this double layout of us at the Oprah show in Sydney without a photo of me as I didn't think there was one. Since I've gotten home I've found one so I'll have to try and add it later.....

I'm pretty happy with this next one - I am always hanging round skateparks waiting for Cooper. On this day he wore his Heelys, took his little skateboard Brett bought him and also had his scooter. He loves anything with wheels!!
And now for another couple of layouts- this next one I did because I really wanted to try out the new bunting punch from Stampin' Up.

The next layout is one using a photo of Brett and the kids when we went up Sydney Tower. The photo wasn't staged - this is how I found them all...

I've Been Scrapbooking!

Ok, so I'm back from Remember When's 2 day retreat at Noonaweena. It started off with a day of shopping for scrapbook supplies (like I didn't have enough already?!?), with Vanessa (thanks Ness!). We arrived at the retreat at 5pm Friday and began scrapping our little hearts out. Ness and I were last to go to bed at about 2am I think. Next morning we were 1st up - scrapping before breakfast had even been served! Saturday night we were last to go to bed again (3.30am) and 1st up again next morning! (Do you think we have a problem? - don't answer that!). I completed 10 pages all together and I think Ness did about 7-8, so pretty happy considering we've come away from retreats before with only 5-6 pages done! Although I'm not so happy about the fact that I also came away with viral pharyngytis! So - time to share a layout - the first one is a very simple page I did of Mum and Dad - I'm afraid I don't do enough pages of them :( but here it is. (More to come later).

Close Up