Monday, 25 July 2011

Not much happening!

So, I haven't posted because there's not much to post about! Brett is away at a conference in Bowral (2 nights), Daisy didn't go to school today as she is 'sick' and Cooper is being cooper! :)
I've spent two days uploading photos to Snapfish, so feeling good about that - only about another 300 days of loading to go!!!

Monday, 18 July 2011

Day 1

So - today is the first day of term 3 for the kids and the first day of peace and quiet at home for me! We got back last night from a quick skiing trip to Thredbo (although the closest I personally got to skiing was helping the kids get their boots on!) :o Both kids absolutely loved it. Cooper took to snowboarding like a duck to water, and after an apprehensive start Daisy took really well to skiing too! Brett of course loved it, being a skier from way back, but I know he wished he could have gotten in some faster, longer runs. We stayed in a gorgeous appartment -Neebarran3 - I just wish we could have stayed longer! I'll post photos soon.
I was planning on doing a bit of card making and some housework today but somehow ended up starting a blog (and making some yummy roasted pumpkin and vegetable soup)....time now to get ready to go and do reading with Daisy's class and then meet Mum for afternoon tea. I guess the housework will have to wait (at least I've done all of the washing!)....hhmmm...

Here We Go!

And so it begins...
And so I've decided to create a blog that will serve two purposes - primarily it will be a day in my life - but also it will be somewhere for me to share my latest creations (cards, scrapbook pages and more). So, join me if you care... (by the way - I have no idea what I am doing, so I'll just make it up!)